Bakery Ovens

Available in a variety of types, this category turns your dough to the beloved product your customer search after.

Rack ovens:

The rotating air added to the rotation of the rack cooks your good with a steady quality. The rapid reach of temperature makes it a flexible asset to optimize production.

Natural gaz burner or electric, single or double rack.

Deck Ovens:

Based on the original "four a pain" which could be found all over France's countryside from the Middle ages until now, this oven stays close to traditional bread cooking.

Accessorized with a semi-automatic loader, it is a great choice for heavier bread.

Convection Ovens:

Downsized version of a rack oven, perfect compromise between size and cooking speed for smaller or "late in the day" production.

Rotating hot air can be supply by natural gaz burner or electric heating elements. 

Specialized Ovens:

We have the product for your requirements.

We are always up to date with the new products. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Divider / Divider Rounder


Several machine are available depending on your application and the volume requirements.

A simple hydraulic divider , round or square, with/without rounder, with/without shaper, with/whithout weighing...



Let our experience guide you with the design of your production space.

Featured products

We offer all equipment needed to run a commercial or retail bakery. Please, ask us about our labor saving machines.     

Moulding machine


Those machines are made to save time in the moulding process. A good fitted machine will mold 1500 to 2000 baguette per hour. I can mold bread from 100g to 2 kg

 Kneading Machine


This simple looking equipment is made to go through all stages of the dough. With different attachments and accessories, it is important to get the right equipment from the start, BES&R will help you reach the best solution for your business model.